About JPdL

Founded in 1982 by Jean-Paul de Lavison, JPdL has grown into one of the world's leading conference and event planners. From destination management services offered across Canada, to national and international congress and conference logistics, the company quickly evolved on a mantra of yes. Whether it's a coffee break for 2 on a hot air balloon or a conference of 5,000 that takes over a city, JPdL’s can-do attitude has made us the go-to event planners and professionals.

Our Mission:

We’re passionate about helping organizations to create great events and leverage them for value.

Our Values:

  • People – the “golden rule”: Treat others as you would want to be treated
  • Integrity, frankness and transparency
  • Anticipation and foresight
  • Cooperation and teamwork
  • Commitment to leverage our full potential, resources, and capabilities
  • Operational efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Financial responsibility and stability

Our Clients:

We produce events and conferences for corporations, associations, universities and government agencies.

Our Formula for Excellence:

Whether your event is in Toronto or Tokyo, we have the best professionals, a network of over 10,000 suppliers worldwide, and a passion for transforming your event into a landmark experience that you and your participants will never forget.

Our Services:

  • Event budgeting and planning
  • Venue selection and set-up
  • Entertainment
  • Logistics management, including on-site staff, and transportation
  • Conference Housing
  • Social Programs
  • Sponsorship and exhibit management
  • Registration management and keynote speaker servicing

     And much more:

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