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We Want to Hear from You: #IChooseHospitality Challenge


There have been so many messages bombarding us ranging from dismal and dire to hopeful on adrenaline. Our brains and emotions were racing! We attempted to slow down the COVID rabbit hole and be a bit more reflective, which led to the following message:

Our industry is under the weather, but we choose to stand by its side, we choose to believe this will turn around and will continuously get better. It may look different but we will love it just the same. Because we choose to be in this industry. In light of all that is happening, why do you choose to stay/support/strengthen /nurture/grow/love this industry?


This idea inspired our desire to put together an industry initiative that places us right in the middle of “dismal and dire to hopeful on adrenaline” to where we realistically are: right in the middle. Each of us is living through this pandemic differently; however, what we all have in common is our passion for our industry and our peers.

We decided to put together an ongoing social media campaign challenge called the #IChooseHospitalityChallenge. The strength in this campaign is hearing our industry family’s diverse voices, stories, ideas, and messages to help lift and motivate one another.

How to participate:

This challenge will be centered around Linkedin, however, if you feel comfortable posting on other platforms, please do so! JPdL will be posting our responses as of July 7th at 1pm EST. You can post at your convenience thereafter.


  • Decide how you would like to present your response.


    • Photo (of you/family/friends/peers/travel/work/hugging a client)
    • Poem
    • Text that inspires you (ex: a motivational quote by Simon Sinek, Oprah, Priya Parker etc.)
    • Personal video
    • Typed personal message
    • Dance/artistic performance


  • In the body of your post please write the message shown below in purple. Feel free to add in your own personal touches as well! After all, this is YOUR story.

Thank you @(Tag the person who sent you the challenge) for inspiring this personal reflection on why I choose the hospitality industry. Here is a (poem/video/quote- you choose) to demonstrate my passion.

Do you want to participate in the challenge? Click here: to find out how!


#IChooseHospitalityChallenge #eventprofs #meetingprofs #hospitalitystrong #bizbash


  • Please spread the word by sharing this article, emailing, calling, texting, smoke signal!

Reach out to your colleagues, partners, suppliers, venues, association members, F&B providers, CVBs, DMCs, PCOs +++. Even your competitors! We are all part of the same family.


  • We created a banner to blast this message and to have this challenge touch on as many of our five senses as possible (…taste is a tricky one, but feel free to drink wine while posting- there will probably be many of us following suit!). Feel free to use this banner on your social media.


Thank YOU for being one of the reasons we CHOOSE this industry. We stand by its side and we stand by yours.



Written by Jillian Cardinal, Samantha Mele, Sharon Claudel, on behalf of JPdL.


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