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Recognizing employee performance during a pandemic: Yes, it’s possible!


A company specializing in accounting software had to cancel its rewards program due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This reward program was a great source of motivation for the employees of this firm, therefore of great importance to the productivity and management team. This case study shows how this company still managed to highlight the achievement and performance of its employees during the pandemic.



In order to maintain program momentum and keep up staff participation, it was essential that the recipients feel honored and recognized in a special way. Mandated by our long-time client, JPdL needed to brainstorm and find innovative ways to recognize employee achievements while creating an experience similar to the usual in-person awards ceremony.



JPdL suggested that a surprise and personalized package containing local products could be delivered to the homes of the recipients. The time factor was extremely important in order to maximize the element of surprise. It was essential that the recipients receive the gift the same day that everyone was notified of the winners. 



1st Challenge – Short lead time

Recipients were identified only two weeks before the awards ceremony, leaving a short period of time for creating and delivering personalizing items. JPdL contacted their close-knit network of trusted suppliers for this project. The production deadlines were confirmed in advance with their suppliers. Due to the urgency of the situation, they mobilized their efforts to meet these tight deadlines.


2nd Challenge – Shipping and handling the packages with care

The products chosen by the customer included delicate items such as bottles of wine and glasses. The element of surprise wouldn’t be the same if the items would arrive damaged. To avoid this scenario, the boxes were assembled with care and packaged accordingly. All shipments were routed to a central location for express delivery across Canada, simplifying the shipping process and minimizing the risks. 



The in-person event was originally intended to take place in Vancouver, therefore the lovely package included sparkling wine from British Columbia, artisanal chocolates, signature champagne flutes and trophies with personalized messages followed with a thank you letter from their employer. 

In collaboration with Canada Post, the winners received their packages in perfect condition and right on time. As a result, this gesture amplified a sense of community between the employee and their employer. The accounting software company greatly appreciated that JPdL and our suppliers went above and beyond for them, minimizing all challenges encountered. 


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