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Sustainability Charter: A New Step for JPdL


Our commitment to sustainability has been built over many years Through internal initiatives such as composting and utilizing reusable containers, as well as the creation of a corporate “Green Committee”, JPdL has been considering its sustainable path for many years. Today, JPdL’s vision is not only to be more sustainable in our own operations but more broadly to make sustainability a value shared by our clients and suppliers alike. This commitment, anchored in JPdL’s values, became tangible in 2020 with JPdL’s participation in the Parcours Développement durable. 


sustainable charter


JPdL and the Parcours Développement durable Montréal: The prelude to tangible changes

The mission of the Parcours Développement durable (PDD) is to offer a coaching program to Montreal-based organizations in order to find innovative solutions and implement sustainable business models that benefit society as a whole. 

The PDD represented an opportunity for JPdL to be supported for a year by experts in sustainable development. Through training, practical workshops, coaching, and mentoring, JPdL was able to identify and define the orientations and goals of its Sustainable Action Plan. This Plan consists of nurturing an internal culture of continuous improvement in terms of sustainable development, as well as demonstrating JPdL’s corporate commitment to sustainability outside the company. 

Following this first phase of reflection, the upcoming year is marked by the implementation of the Sustainablection Plan. This new phase begins with putting into practice our Sustainability Charter.


Initiate a certification process: from intention to action!

Getting a sustainability certification is proof of an organization’s commitment to implement management policies and operational practices that promote and support the basics of sustainable development.

JPdL has developed a Sustainability Charter that sets out its sustainable vision as a company, as well as its main strategic orientations. 

More precisely, JPdL aims to make sustainability a common value within the company by finding a balance between generating revenues, and minimizing the environmental impacts of its activities, while contributing to social progress in a positive way. We strive to integrate sustainability issues into our daily activities and to adopt specific eco-actions in the planning and management of all our events. The implementation of this Charter requires a voluntary and active commitment from employees and partners.

To do this, JPdL’s objectives are to : 

  • Become a connector of all sustainable actors/initiatives;
  • Offer a quality, sustainable work environment;
  • Maximize the (positive) social and environmental impact of events.

JPdL will therefore move from intention to action by orienting its vision towards collectivity. This change will be anchored internally but also externally within the JPdL network by involving all its stakeholders. Actions will be taken to support and implement the Sustainability Charter which may include: 

  • reviewing/modifying purchasing habits (e.g., choosing caterers that favor waste management and redistribution) 
  • consistently communicating the environmental repercussions of certain decisions to clients and suppliers 
  • finding alternative solutions to limit negative environmental impacts, 
  • engaging all employees and stakeholders in the ecological, societal, and economic transition.


So what is the next step for JPdL? 

JPdL will then measure and evaluate the impact of its actions while continuing to communicate good practices to all its stakeholders. This process will take place in several stages and JPdL aims to become a vector for collective development involving all stakeholders.


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