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The importance of being involved in a community: Case of World Parkinson Congress

The 6th edition of the World Parkinson Congress (WPC) will be held in Barcelona from July 4 to 7, 2023 and JPdL is proud to be part of this international project, supporting strong values.    

Organized by the World Parkinson Coalition, the World Parkinson Congress is held every three years, and brings together several actors involved in the fight against Parkinson’s disease to discuss the latest advances in the field of the disease to accelerate the discovery of a treatment and improve therapeutic practices.   

What makes this congress unique is that it includes not only leading physicians, researchers, nurses and other medical professionals, but also patients, their caregivers and their families. The Congress is therefore not only a knowledge exchange but also a community where every voice affected by this disease can be heard.  

The first WPC took place in 2006 in Washington DC. Since then, it was held in Glasgow, Montreal, Portland, and Kyoto. This conference provides a unique platform for the presentation and discussion of the latest scientific findings and clinical advances in Parkinson’s disease research. It is structured around plenary sessions, workshops, poster presentations, interactive sessions and other events for participants.   

Another special feature of the conference is its “Parkinson’s Ready” program, which was launched in 2010. This program was established to help host cities welcome participants and is a great way to showcase the city’s friendliness and hospitality to ALL travelers. The objectives are:  

  • To ensure that WPC delegates have the best possible experience while attending the Congress  
  • To ensure that key staff and leaders of the host city are prepared to welcome WPC delegates  
  • To raise awareness of the unique nature of Parkinson’s disease and how a city can best welcome and support members of the Parkinson’s community   

The impact of Parkinson’s Ready goes beyond the congress itself. By reaching out to everyone in the city, from convention centers to airport and hotel staff to public agencies, it creates a more inclusive and accessible environment for all. ( for more info) 

It is also important to highlight the Wellness Way program. This program will focus on the health and wellness of participants by offering various activities and services such as yoga sessions, nutritional counseling, massages and wellness coaching. The goal is to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating environment to help participants maintain their physical and mental health during the event. (See for more information)  

WPC 2019 – Japan

In sum, the World Parkinson Congress is a major event for the global Parkinson’s disease community. It is in line with several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals such as:  

  • Good health and well-being: Empowering people to live healthy lives and promoting well-being for all.  
  • Reduced Inequalities: Reduce inequalities for vulnerable populations.  
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities: Develop knowledge about Parkinson’s disease and use it sustainably in cities and their infrastructure. 

Events such as the World Parkinson Congress are thus essential in creating a sense of community and support for people affected by Parkinson’s disease, who can often feel isolated and alone in their struggle. They provide an opportunity to connect, share, access useful information and resources, and build a sense of belonging to a larger community. This can help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with managing the disease and improve the quality of life for those involved.  

JPdL is proud to participate in the organization of these events, which, by defending meaningful values, contribute to the improvement of tomorrow’s societies, and are part of our Sustainable Development approach. 

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