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The role of a PCO

Corporate events such as congresses, conferences and seminars require careful planning and efficient management to ensure their success. That’s where a PCO (Professional Conference Organizer) like JPdL comes in. In this article, we’ll explore in detail the role and responsibilities of a PCO, as well as the benefits they can bring to your next business event.


The role

PCOs are companies specialized in the management and organization of congresses, conferences and professional events. Their main objective is to assist event organizers in all aspects of event planning and execution. Thanks to their expertise and experience, they ensure that every detail is taken into account and that the event runs smoothly.


The services

A PCO offers a full range of services to meet its customers’ needs. Here is an overview of the main responsibilities assumed by PCOs:

  • Initial planning: Working closely with clients, a PCO helps define event objectives, needs and expectations. They help develop the budget, schedule and general parameters of the event.
  • Logistics management: A PCO can also handle all logistical aspects of the event. This includes finding and booking the event venue, coordinating catering services, managing participant registrations, coordinating transportation, booking hotels, etc., sometimes several years in advance.
  • Program and content: PCOs bring added value to the creation of the event program. They help select speakers, organize sessions, draw up the agenda and manage presentations and visual aids.
  • Communications and marketing: They may also be involved in promoting the event by developing marketing strategies, managing social media, creating dedicated websites and designing promotional materials.
  • On-site logistics: During the event, they can manage all logistical aspects. This includes welcoming participants, coordinating rooms and technical equipment, managing meals and breaks, and resolving any unforeseen problems.
  • Financial management: Finally, PCOs can assist with the financial management of the event. They draw up a detailed budget, issue invoices, manage payments and generate financial reports to ensure total transparency in the management of the event’s financial resources.


The advantages of hiring a PCO

By hiring a PCO, event organizers can benefit from a number of advantages:

  • Expertise and experience: PCOs are experts in their field. They have in-depth knowledge of the events industry and many years of experience in managing various types of business events. They can adapt to any format, any size and any sector. From a conference with 400 face-to-face participants to a hybrid conference with over 4,000 registrations, their expertise enables them to meet any challenge.
  • Comprehensive management: They can take charge of all aspects of event planning and management, allowing organizers to concentrate on other priorities. They ensure that every detail is taken care of, making for a smooth, stress-free event.
  • Network of suppliers and partners: PCOs have established solid relationships with trusted suppliers and partners in the events industry. They can negotiate advantageous rates and guarantee the quality of services provided, such as event venues, catering services, audiovisual equipment, etc. This network often extends worldwide, thanks to their experience and partnerships with international organizations and associations. They always strive to build strong, lasting relationships in order to guarantee optimum quality for every event.
  • Cost optimization: PCOs are experienced in financial management and can help optimize event costs. They can negotiate preferential rates, avoid unnecessary expenses and effectively manage the allocated budget.
  • Sustainable commitment: Faced with the imperative of environmental responsibility, PCOs play an essential role in guiding their customers towards responsible, sustainable events. By proposing solutions to reduce waste, collaborating with committed suppliers and selecting sustainable materials, they position themselves as essential partners in offering environmentally-friendly alternatives.


PCOs, such as JPdL, play an essential role in the planning and management of successful business events. Their expertise, experience and network of suppliers make them invaluable partners for event organizers. By working with JPdL, you can be sure that your next congress, conference or seminar will be organized professionally, efficiently and memorably!


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