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Collaboration Offer for Better Virtual Connections!


For many years, we have been fortunate to meet in person and to have lived unique experiences together. This year and potentially for some time to come, these new trends may be a larger part of our lives.

To ease the transition and support the industry’s growth and transformation, the national team at JPdL has been focusing its efforts on accompanying existing and future clients in their strategic approaches for 2021 and beyond. We would like to share with you the things we have learnt:


JPdL_VirtualEventsAbout virtual meetings:

We have tested, tried, and deployed several solutions. So far, the best outcomes arise from a tight alliance between companies like yours, the technology suppliers, and planning organizations like ours acting like the “glue”. For small and large-scale or complex projects, this collaboration is imperative. Find out more about virtual meetings!

JPdL_VirtualExperiences About virtual experiences:

The DMC world that we know and love is anchored in our capacity to deliver memorable experiences to a wide audience. From the industry veteran to the emerging professional, the capacity to engage and connect is ever more important.

From the simplest of team-building activity to the most bespoke of experiences, our teams and our suppliers are on stand-by to make your dream or vision a reality. Find out more about virtual experiences!

JPdL_SafetyAbout safety:

Alongside the technology solutions being provided for virtual and hybrid events, we are diligently preparing to see you again in person. With our local partners across Canada, we have established a new way to deliver experiences all while doing so safely. Check out our Connecting with Care initiatives!

As you and your teams move into the strategic planning for 2021 and beyond, know that JPdL is here as an extension of your team and to help you design the right solutions in an evolving market. Read our article to find out more about virtual events!

Feel free to reach out if you would like to meet virtually to discuss your next project.


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